martes, 13 de diciembre de 2016

Life in the 60s

In the 60's are not used modern mobiles were very large they were like bricks.
The people of the sixties beast very different than now and put on wigs.

The teenagers wore the worst small clothes they put on one thing each day.

The computers were very large they were like a very large rock.

The airplanes are less powerful than the ones of now and smaller.

At that time there were many people jipi were very rare are all the time saying peace.

Cars are very small they are called beetle.The bikes are less powerful and smaller and ugly

viernes, 21 de octubre de 2016

Portfolio: Our favourite celebrity and hobbies

                   My favourite celebrity
My favourite celebrity is messi your job is to be a footboller is fcb is striker likes to be with his children and his wife and singing. She likes simple dishes an egg with patatoes and so does not like losing a football game but what he likes most is to play football fron tini.
                                                       Messi the best footballer of the history

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

La escalada

La escalada es muy dificil de hacer en montaña. La escalada es subir por una montaña por las rocas que te puedas agarrar por ellas para llegar arriva de la montaña. Asique es un deporte de montañismo.

Tambien hay paredes para escalar que son más faciles que se llaman rocodromos.
Que son más faciles porque tienen unas cosas para que tu te puedas agarrar .

Sí te caes desde mucha altura te puedes llegar a matar.
Bulder: es escalar por un rocrodomo a poca altura y por si te caes hay colchonetas en el suelo.

lunes, 6 de junio de 2016

Unit 6 porfolio: What are you going to do in summer

I´m going to go my village with my family.
I´m going to go the mountain in my village.
I´m going to stay in my house to my village.
I´m going to eat food like chicken.
I´m going to have a barbecue in my village.
I´m going to go to the river.
I´m going to go swimpoll in my village.
I´m going to go to my house in Santander.

miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2016

Unit 5 portfolio: old and modern technology

                          Old and modern technology


You couldn´t connet to the internet and you can not have music.
You couldn´t not be anywhere.
It is very big and weighs heavy and you can not swap place.
You couldn´t  play games.


You could play games and you could find things on the internet .
You could put the case to make it more difficult destroyed .
You could put de whassap to talk to friends .
You could to call .  

lunes, 14 de marzo de 2016

Fact fiel

Name: Messi    
Born date: 24 de june Argentina
Messi talent is football is the best sillent.
 He has a very young son with Antonella Rocuzz.
 Messi is a adult but would not have a son.
 Is twenty-for years maw but is about to meet twenty five years.
He is an only child but always wonted a brother.
 Today is of the best players in the the world and is in the Barcelona.

viernes, 5 de febrero de 2016